Foreign Terms (Dictionary) In Flight Ticket Reservations

- October 11, 2019
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Foreign Terms (Dictionary) In Flight Ticket Reservations - For those of you who frequently travel by plane, here we present the terms that are often in use in flight reservation (A-Z):


Abacus :
Abacus Distribution System is a Global Distribution System (GDS) that provides reservation system for travel agents and airlines.

Adult :
Passengers who have been 12 years and above.

Airfare :
Flight ticket price.

Airport Tax :
Airport tax, payable by passenger upon check-in, usually before entering gate / waiting room. For some airlines applying for an airport tax payment is included in the ticket price. Also called Airport Service Charge, Pasenger Service Charge (PSC).

Arrival (Arr) :


Cabin Baggage :
Is the luggage that can be brought into the passenger cabin plane. This luggage must not exceed the size of each airline. In general the benchmark is the goods that can be inserted into the container in the passenger cabin.

Baggage Goods :
It is the luggage of passengers who must enter the trunk of the plane and be weighed. Weight should not exceed the free baggage provided (15kg - 20kg). If there is an excess then the airline will charge additional fees.

Basic Fare :
Basic price before tax added.

Boarding Pass :
It is a pass (usually a sticker affixed to etiquette) provided by the airline officer upon check-in as the passenger's sign has been allowed to board the plane.

Booking :
Booking or booking of passenger data (PNR) into the reservation system, made by passengers to get certainty before the tickets are paid.


Cancell :
Cancellation of booking.

Cancell Fee :
Cancellation fee for the booking already made.

Children (children aged 2 years - 11 years, some define age between 2 to 12 years).

Check In :
Passengers report themselves at the airline's check-in counter at the airport.

Confirm (HK) :

Reservations that have got certainty (HK).

Computer Reservation System, or Computer Reservations System.


Departure (Dep) :

Destination :
City of destination.

Date Of Issued (Date Published / Printing).

Date Of Travel.


E-Ticket :
Electronic Ticket which contains passenger travel data of a airlines, there is no ticket and can digunakn to chek in good and can be reprinted.

Endorsable :
May change flight schedule to other airlines.

Extend :
Long stay or ticket duration.


FC :
Fare Calculation, Tariff calculation.

Fix Date / Fixed Date :
Is a ticket that has a fixed date (fixed) and can not be changed the date of departure.

Fixed Flight :
Must not change flight schedules within the same airline.


Go Show :
Passengers who come to the airport to fly are not as scheduled or have no ticket.

Go Show Fee :
Charges charged to passengers are goshows.


INFT / Infant :
Baby (under 2 years).

Issued :
Is the payment process for data bookingan already made before, and tickets can be printed.

Itenerary :
Travel Plan, is complete information containing travel data such as date, time, flight number, travel route and other necessary information.


Booking Code :
Generally consists of 6 characters. Can be a mix of letters and numbers, can also be all letters (especially for Lion / Wings and Batavia, all letters).


Local Contact :
That is the passenger phone number either at home or at destination, preferably Mobile number.


No Show :
Passengers do not come to the airport check-in counter until the check-in time is closed. (Passengers who do not come to the airport to fly on schedule.)

Non Endorse :
Can not change airplane with different airline (usually international ticket).

Non Extend :
Can not be extended. Usually apply for ticket promo.

Non Refund :
Can not be cashed, usually apply for ticket promo.

Non Reroute :
Can not change route.


O / W = One Way :
It is a one way ticket.

Open Date :
Is a ticket that can be re-scheduled during the duration of validity (validity) of the ticket.

Open Jaw :
Flight trips in it there are routes that do not use the flight.

Origin :


Pax :
Is the term to mention the passenger plane.

PNR (Passenger Name Record) :
That is a collection of information that generally contains the passenger name, flight schedule, local contact number, time limit, and booking code.


R / T = Return :
It is a PP ticket.

Rebook :

Reconfirm (RR) :
Confirm or re-confirm the planned travel plans.

Refund :
It is flight cancellation and refund of ticket payment.

Refund Fee :
Charges are charged at the time to refill tickets that have been in print.

Refundable :
Can be cashed, usually valid for normal price tickets.

Reissued :
Rewind the printed tickets as they change the itinerary.

Reroute :
Changed the route.

Reroute Fee :
Charges charged for route changes for printed tickets.

Return :
The trip went back home to the early town.

Round The World :
Travel around the world.


Time limit :
Is the time limit of payment provided by the airline.


UM :
Unaccompanied Minor, Passenger airplane kids who do the flight alone.


Validity :
Is the validity of the ticket. This time diving is allowed to change tickets (rebook, reschedule etc.).

Void :
Cancellation of ticket that has been in print, Void can only be done on the same day with ticket printing, unless there are other provisions from Airlines.

Void Fee :
Charges charged for ticket canceled after printing.


Waiting List (WL) :
The reservation goes to the waiting list before getting certain.

Wheelchair (wheelchair).

That's a number of terms and abbreviations that are often used in travel when using a plane, hopefully useful in accompanying your trip. Greetings Traveler!

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