Putao In Myanmar Is The Best New ASEAN Tourism Attraction

- September 23, 2019
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Putao In Myanmar Is The Best New ASEAN Tourism Attraction

www.tranding.web.id - This year the ASEAN Tourism Association (ASEANTA) held its agenda for the 30th ASEANTA Awards for Excellent 2017 held at Flores Ballroom Hotel Borobudur Jakarta, Tuesday night (8/8/2017).

ASEANTA is the parent of Southeast Asian tourism association. Of the 6 categories contested at the 30th ASEANTA Award for Excellent 2017, Indonesia bought half.

Among them, the category of Best ASEAN tourism photo, obtained by Agung Prameswara, with beautiful panoramic photo of Mount Bromo, the category of Best ASEAN airlines program, obtained Garuda Indonesia on the best service standard in flight in Southeast Asia, and the category of Best ASEAN cultural preservation effort obtained by Garuda Indonesia, which has kept the best quality on the flight.

While the rest, the category of Best ASEAN Travel Article, obtained SPH Magazine, which is a flight magazine from Singapore Airlines, the category of Best ASEAN Marketing and Promotional Campaign obtained by AirAsia. And Best ASEAN New Tourism Attraction, obtained by Shan Yoma Travel and Tours Myanmar. An organizer of tour agents and tour operators who have successfully developed Putao tourism destination in Myanmar.

Putao tourism area "The Eastern Himalayan" in Myanmar is indeed worthy win for the category of Best New ASEAN Tourism Attraction. But what is so special about this place that it is chosen to be the best?

Putao is located in Kachin State, Myanmar which is also the northernmost city of Kachin State. Transportation to get to Putao has few constraints because it can only be accessed in summer, or at least by plane.

Another uniqueness is, Putao has a rare orchid that grows naturally. And is a favorite place for those who love orchids to visit and there are species of rare orchids that "Black Orchid" grow in the mountains west and east of Putao.

Putao is an area in Myanmar that is famous for having the highest mountain and the only snowy area in Southeast Asia. The weather in Putao can be said to be colder than the rest of Myanmar and snow covered mountains can be seen almost all year round in certain parts of Putao.

Putao is directly adjacent to Tiongkok and India, this region is covered with a cool climate, vast mountainous terraces, farm towns, diverse ethnic groups, pine forests, and unique diversity of flora and fauna.

This area is a site of World War II, at that time the city is known by the name of British Fort Hertz and considered the outpost for the most remote British Empire. Built in 1914, the city became the only one not in the Japanese occupation during World War II.

Many interesting things that can be found when traveling to this area. In addition to feeling the trekking on Mt. Hkakabo Razi which peaks at an altitude of 5,881 meters above sea level, tourists can also feel a variety of other interesting tourist attractions, ranging from jejeran adat villages, whitewater, find orchids and endangered animals, to mountain biking and adventure Through the forest using an elephant.

Wonder the region is crowned as "The Best New ASEAN Tourism Attraction". Despite having a variety of unique and interesting things, in fact every year only a few tourists who can visit this place.

Some facts say, tourists need to have special permission from the government of Myanmar to be able to get into Putao. In addition, the accessibility factor also affects the lack of tourist visits, considering Putao can only be accessed by plane.

(gouhong/ tranding.web.id)
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