10 Items That Should Not Be Forgotten When Traveling

- September 24, 2019
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10 Items That Should Not Be Forgotten When Traveling

www.tranding.web.id - Traveling becomes an activity that needs to be done by everyone to eliminate fatigue in work. Including you must be often traveling, whether it is out of town or abroad. In addition to carrying luggage in the suitcase, you also need to carry other important items in your cabin bag while traveling.

1. Sleep mask

One of the objects that can help overcome the tired eyes while traveling . Yes, wear a sleeping mask while sleeping so that your feelings are better in the morning.

2. Anti-bacterial wet wipes

From airport to bus stop, you must touch a lot of germs. So, protect your hands using wet anti bacterial wipes.

3. Scarves

The temperature inside the plane definitely feels cooler. You can warm your body by using your mainstay scarf.

4. Headache medicine

While traveling for hours on a plane will surely feel jetlag even headaches. Well, for your traveling undisturbed, do not forget to always bring a headache medicine in your bag.

5. Brush your teeth

The long journey, making you not have time to shower. So, to refresh your body back, do not forget to always bring a toothbrush.

6. Cash money

Cash money is very important when traveling because just in case if you do not find an ATM around the place visited.

7. Sandals

Traveling to several tourist attractions while you are traveling is tiring and makes your feet feel sore. Do not forget to bring slippers, if your toes have pain.

8. Bottled water

You can save money by always bringing your own drinking water bottles while traveling. Especially when traveling abroad. You can refill drinking water bottles with the nearest water fountain or airport.

9. Small notebook

This object is to help you take down the trip itinerary while keeping track of your traveling experiences.

10. Snacks

Hunger will make your journey so unpleasant. Do not forget to always bring a snack to prop your hunger while on the plane.

(gouhong/ tranding.web.id)
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