10 Important Tools to be Taken at Motorcycle Touring

- April 12, 2019
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10 Important Tools to be Taken at Motorcycle Touring

www.tranding.web.id - Motorcycle touring activities of course become an activity that feels good. Plus if the route is traveled through a variety of street terrain with beautiful natural panorama. Certainly your motorcycle touring trip will be more fun!

But what is the meaning of a joyful trip, if you just find it difficult due to lack of preparation when touring touring motor. Therefore, Admin Tranding ID has summarized 10 equipment that you must bring when motorcycle touring.

1. Vehicle Letters

One of the mandatory things to note is the equipment of the vehicle letters, certainly in every touring we will often cross the security post, certainly will not mengasikan if my friend got a ticket at the time of toring only because of lack of equipment in the letters of his vehicle, try to provide a place Which is simple for a situation that must show the SIM and other letters, without having to ribet my friend opened the wallet at the time of questioning about the complementary letters.

2. Cash Money

For some people, carrying cash may look risky. In fact, this is actually needed when you pass a motor touring route that the area does not have an ATM or bank though. It's just that always keep your money separate in some places outside your wallet, just in case of your experience of extortion or your wallet lost while driving.

3. Rain Jacket

The jacket becomes one of the most important clothes to carry when touring the motor. Because you will spend a lot of time on the streets with unpredictable conditions and weather. With the use of Anti-Rain Jacket, you also can avoid the cold and clothing you avoid getting wet from rain.

4. Clothes & Footwear

In addition to jackets, dressing clothes and comfortable footwear are also mandatory you take it. Because you will travel far, and could take more than 1 day. That's why bringing comfortable locker and footwear is important. For footwear, adjust to the theme and or touring route of the motor that you will take. As for the change of clothes, the use of short sleeve shirts or t-shirts can also be your choice as a change of clothes during touring the motor.

5. First Aid & Drugs Box

The availability of medicines and First Aid In Accident (P3K) boxes in the course of motor touring is mandatory. Not only as a first aid in times of accident, the availability of essential medicines and first aid boxes is also useful if you experience symptoms of malaise while traveling.

6. Tool Kit & Foldable Multifunctional Knife

To make it easier for you during motor touring trips, your motorcycle is required with tool kit. At least for minor damage like motor bolts that feel loose, or replace some minor parts in the motor, you can still do it yourself without the help of mechanics in the workshop motor. Completing the tool kit, multifunctional blades became one of the tools that you must carry when touring. The use of the folding knife is not only for motor needs, but also can be useful for you. At the very least, make sure the folding knife you use has a large selection of knives, while still in sharp condition.

7. Flat Tire Repair Kit

This device may be for some motor users while traveling touring is not so important. But, if your motor has a tire leak during touring, then this device is very useful. Equipped with gas pumps/tubes, screwdrivers, as well as glue and rubber for tire patches, now patching your motorcycle tires can be done quickly and alone.

8. Flashlight & Lighters

Use of flashlights and lighters is quite useful when traveling touring your motor has entered the night time. If the flashlight serves the light source at night, the use of a cigarette lighter can also be a lifesaver when you have to light a fire for cooking or just a fire.

9. Power Bank

For those of you who have smartphones with wasteful power consumption, the availability of power banks is very useful when touring motor. With a large power capacity, the power bank is ready to guarantee your smartphone always has enough power for you to use when traveling. Obviously, you will not have difficulty communicating when following motor touring.

10. GPS & Physical Map

Advances in technology make navigation technology Global Positioning System (GPS) to be easy to use, even when you're doing motor touring though. However, the use of GPS is often hindered by the signal in Indonesia is not too good, so the physical map is still a mainstay when driving touring motor. Therefore, it would be nice if GPS and or physical maps are always available when you want to touring the motorcycle.

(gouhong/ tranding.web.id)
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