Sensation Visits In City Walk Dubai, The Amazing Games Up To Most Expensive Chocolate

- September 22, 2019
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City Walk Dubai - Want a great holiday? City Walk, Dubai answer. Because here provides a variety of facilities, ranging from children's games, arts, shopping centers, sports venues, culinary, to health clinics. Everything that smells of urban life is here. Not only that, the urban premium hotel, contemporary mosque, and underground parking are also available in places designed in this minimalist and mondern style.

The buildings are built low with a transparent and minimalist roof, a hallmark of this place. Therefore, Citywalk is part of Dubai's destinations. It is a perfect holiday with family to this place. The Citywalk location is right in the main heart of Dubai, Downtown, making it easily accessible.

In the area of ​​about 500 square meters, visitors can find fashion booths and snacks. But there is no seating available, so the visitors watch the show or staging sitting on the floor. Because the floor is made of natural stone itself is very clean. Another place we visited was a chocolate shopping center. Here is a well-known shop selling a variety of chocolates, the Boutique Le Chocolat. The price of chocolate here also varies, ranging from the price of around USD 8. In this store is also available the world's most expensive chocolate coated gold shaped, EAD worth 1450 per eight grains. Visitors here can also taste the chocolate for free.

Visitors also to had the opportunity to enjoy delicious cuisine at Sapori's cafe in Bice, among the best Italian restaurants in Dubai . The menu is served antaralain Insalata In Pollo, Caprese, Insalata Caesar, Zupa Di Pomodoro. There is also Arancini Alla Bolognese, Penne All Arrabbiata, Pollo Allo Spiedo, Pizzeita Margherita. About the relatively cheap price, ranging from USD 8.

Zone of the Game

Among Zero Hubs, which provide children's games to adulthood. Ranging from classic to modern games is available here.

Visitors can to tried some exciting games, first is Plant vs Zombies: Beckyard Brawl. Here every visitor can feel the virtual game, which seems to be in the game, to kill hundreds of zombies who are ready to attack anytime from any direction.

Through an instrument like the Oculus Rift, visitors are in the Plant vs Zombies game. Zombies come attacking from different directions. Even through the tools attached to the eye, we can feel the vibrations in our bodies when we are exposed to zombie attacks. Very stressful.

Therefore, visitors who try this game, not infrequently they are screaming hysterically. Visitors who have certain diseases are not recommended to try this game, because it can be fatal.

Finished to try this game, visitors can to watch the movie game Final Fantasy VII Advent Children: Escape From Midgar, on setudio four dimensions. Conditions to watch this game is the visitor must put all goods bawaanya, so as not to fall or about other visitors.

The rules should not be violated, because visitors will be shaken from the seat when the movie takes place. For example, when the game's character is struck or there is an explosion, we also feel the shock.

Visitors to this studio also feel the effects of such films as strong winds and explosive sounds are terrible. Do not be surprised if suddenly strong winds blow us. Even more surprising when the film was splashing water, we were wet with water splashing in the studio with a capacity of about 30 people.

The next game is Hyper Drive. Visitors will be challenged rece or race cars in four dimensions. Using a seat-driving robot, each visitor will experience the sensation of a race as in the arena.

In addition to the steering wheel drive robot, the bombastic sound effects also add to the more real racing atmosphere. Adrenaline visitors were encouraged by sound effects and car shocks. For example, when a car bumps an opponent or crashes, visitors will be shaken.

For the football enthusiast, Hub Zero also provides Lab Soccer. Here the visitors can play a real ball or on a computer screen with two different arenas.

Not only that, on the first floor Hub Zero also provides games agility or outbound with different difficulty levels. In addition to the new game there are also classic games like ding dong which is on the second floor, Nitro Ice Byes.

For visitors who are crazy network games, on the second floor of the place. Here also visitors can learn to make games. While visitors who like karoke, on the second floor is also available. In fact, there is a mini stage for the kids, seoalah they are performing complete with seats for the audience.

There are many more games in the Zero Hub. Double Agent Antaralain, Tiny Track Racers, Dragon Age: Flight of The Wardens, Virtual Arena, Gear of War Laser Siege, Asura's Wrath: The Awakening, Battlefield: Armored Assault, Hack Attack, Sport Academy Featuring PES, Arcade, Hero Zone, and Reciden Evil: Bio Terror.

Tired after playing various games, visitors can also enjoy a meal at Hub Cafe. All games in Hub Zero use point system that can be purchased at the counter. Points are in the form of cards, which every enter the arena of the game visitors must scrape the card as a ticket.

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