Is Travel Safe When Pregnant? Here are Tips Traveling For Pregnant Women

- February 16, 2019
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Pregnant Traveling - Vacation or travel to certain places is a fun activity with the whole family and is a routine activity for some people. Usually liburtan activities, whether traveling locally or abroad will be done by using land, sea and air vehicles, depending on where to go. It is also not possible to do by women who are pregnant but the question, is safe traveling for pregnant women?

To keep your pregnancy on the go, here we have reviewed it.

1. Pregnancy Period

It is important for you to pay attention to health while traveling let alone spend hours. With some pregnant women problems that may occur such as nausea and vomiting, aches, backache and cramps. So paying attention to the age of pregnancy before going home is the best way you can do. In the second trimester is the right time for you to travel during Idul Fitri during pregnancy. At this time your pregnancy has been spared from nausea and vomiting (morning sickness) in addition to those of you who have entered the third trimester to travel back and forth you can do as long as your pregnancy is less than 32 weeks this is to reduce the risk of contraction on the way. In some pregnant women traveling for long periods will experience some problems so that using a private vehicle can stop a few minutes first.

2. Pregnancy Health

Some further consideration for those of you who are pregnant is the health of pregnant women. The health of pregnant women is very important to consider considering the trip home will spend more time than usual journey, jammed is one of the problems that may be experienced by pregnant women. For those of you who have a high risk of pregnancy such as a history of high blood pressure, diabetes or other disorders should not travel that spend more time (make you tired) if you really want to consult your obstetrician.

3. Choice of Transportation

- Using Air Transportation
For those of you who will travel back and forth using the plane during pregnancy is safe to do. You do not have to worry about radiation x ray machine because it will not interfere with the health of your fetus. Although the risk of deep venous thrombosis air travel will double in pregnant women therefore you should pay attention to several things like sitting position near the toilet to make it easier for you when urinary habits during pregnancy increase, anti-nausea drugs you can provide when traveling using Airplane with a doctor's recommendation, in pregnant women traveling on air should use stockings to improve blood circulation, before you travel you can walk first and also avoid foods containing gas because it can increase nausea and vomiting.

- Using Land Transport
Transportation is a frequently used journey although it is very tiring not to mention jams may occur during your homecoming trip. Pregnant women should prepare ahead of time from travel time to avoid congestion, using seat belts, you can seek information first some health centers that you may encounter during travel, providing special medicines for pregnant women is very important to avoid the fatigue Excess. Keep your feet in a comfortable space to avoid cramps.

- Using Sea Transport
For those of you who need sea transportation things to watch out for is seasickness so the risk will be doubled for pregnant women, consult first with a doctor to get the necessary drug information, choose the right time so as to minimize the possibility of excess number of users, you can provide Some healthy foods and beverages to support the journey using your sea transport.

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