Healthy and Fit Tips for Implementing Umrah-Hajj Worship, As Well As Items Must Be Carried When Departed To The Holy Land

- February 04, 2019
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Traveling to Hajj and Umrah - Pilgrims hajj and umrah performing worship in the holy land of Mecca and Medina, require both spiritual and physical preparation. Hajj and Umrah is a spiritual journey that requires physical in a healthy state, and requires an understanding of the science of manasik hajj and umroh, and understanding the condition of the holy land that has temperature, weather, tradition and language that is different from the country of origin of the pilgrims.

Hajj and umroh require considerable energy and excellent body condition. This is because there are activities running around Ka`bah (thawaf) and Sa'i ie trot from Shafa hill to Marwa. So there are some things that must be considered for the condition of our bodies are always fit and fit, especially the weather in Saudi Arabia is relatively slightly different from the tropical country, in the daytime temperatures there can reach 45° C, hot enough and hot for pilgrims who are not used .

Hot temperatures can trigger a shortage of body fluids (dehydration) so that pilgrims should pay attention to the dietary patterns that should be consumed to reduce the effects of dehydration. When the body is in a condition of dehydration or lack of fluids, then the body will experience fatigue, the body feels weak and headache. This can certainly be dangerous for pilgrims especially those who are elderly.

Pilgrims can bring their own bottles of drinking water and fill it with zam-zam water that can be obtained for free. Zam-zam water though can be drunk in raw state but quite hegienisic and contains high enough fluoride levels to kill germs.

Hot weather is tempting enough for pilgrims to drink cold water ice, but drink just enough. Drinking excessive ice water in hot weather can cause a throat infection that can interfere with the worship process of pilgrims.

In addition to drinking enough water, pilgrims are also advised to consume fruits that have water content and contain vitamin C to boost immunity such as oranges, apples, pears and bananas. In addition to drinking enough water and consume fruits, try to also pay attention to the daily diet.

The menu we eat should contain enough carbohydrates for energy and vegetables and proteins as a counterweight. In addition to rice-based foods, pilgrims can also consume wheat-based bread. If you do not like to eat wheat bread with gravy of middle eastern dishes, eat the wheat bread with jam according to taste. The point is, do not push yourself with a dish that does not necessarily suit you. When we eat at a restaurant, pay attention to the cleanliness of the place and wash your hands before eating.

Avoid unnecessary activities that can deplete energy, such as excessive shopping activities that are often done by pilgrims. Just enough, the rest more use for worship and rest. Exhausted bodies are very susceptible to disease, so in order to anticipate contracting the body of the congregation with viruses or diseases that may be carried by other pilgrims, use a mask covering the nose. Especially to avoid transmission of Merrs virus that often haunts the prospective pilgrims who will leave for worship to the holy land.

Prepare medicines for minor ailments like cough, flu, stomach ache or balm and ointment. Also contact your nearest health post when you feel unwell so that the medical staff there can help you immediately.

Enough rest. Do not over-exaggerate, rest immediately if you feel unwell. Other worship in addition to the mandatory series of pilgrimage and umroh that you can do at the hotel or lodge place to stay. This is to avoid things that are not desirable eg fainting in the mosque or on the street.

Pray always to be able to run the worship smoothly until after and back to the hometown in healthy condition wal`afiat not lack of anything.

Supplies to the Holy Land

Hajj and umroh pilgrims also need to prepare necessary travel documents in accordance with the regulations of their respective countries and regulations in Saudi Arabia's destination countries, namely passports and umrah-haji visas, as well as other certificates such as vaccinations and muhrim letters to pilgrims Women who leave alone. These documents become administrative requirements and are indispensable for pilgrims or umroh during the journey. Prepare a photo copy of the document along with the pass photo as stated in the passport, so that if the document is lost it is not difficult to create a replacement document.

In addition to the above mentioned document requirements, pilgrims of umroh and pilgrims also need to prepare supplies for Umrah-Haji in the form of necessary equipment, among others:

1. Books of dhikr and ritual books

2. Clothing for ihram (as necessary)

3. Day clothes that are loose and not thin as well as can be used for prayer, as well as songkok for men or veil for women (as necessary)

4. Footwear (use light sandals and a kind of mountain slippers to avoid easily detached when in use)

5. Jacket or sweater if known on the ground in the winter, which may also be useful for use when on the plane.

6. In addition to mild medicines, prepare also shaver, face / skin cream and toiletries (soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, towels, etc.)

7. Mobile phone communications equipment and country sim cards that support international roaming features, or Saudi Arabian cards sold in holy soil, along with chargers or power banks

8. Funds may be required, either in the currency of the country of origin, Real Saudi Arabia or US Dollar. Bring as much as needed to give tips for porter carriers, bus drivers, hotel cleaning service, and shodaqoh to beggars.

9. Other supporting equipment, such as prayer rug, glasses, camera, strap, belt, mask, note book, ballpoint, and others.

10. Separate between the luggage that is needed when traveling and when in the holy land. For the goods needed when on the way should be inserted into a small bag for easy to take when needed.

Thus the simple tips from us to stay healthy and fit during running the umroh/hajj pilgrimages in the holy land. May be useful. Aamiin.

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