Avoid Long Queues At The Airport Just By Utilizing This Facility

- February 01, 2019
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Self Check In

www.tranding.web.id - The airport will always be crowded when arrives and result in long queues.

Surely for a rushed person, this greatly hampers their movement so that it could miss the plane.

To avoid this, some of these facilities can help you check in faster.

One is the self check in service provided by the airline operator on each flight, so customers can get tickets before they arrive at the airport.

This service also provides convenience for passengers ranging from 14 days to 1 hour before departure, to get the seat number plane.

Of course with this facility, you do not have to bother to follow the line in the holiday season solid.

Self check in available in two versions, web version and kiosk check in at the airport.

If you want to use the web version, you directly access the official website each airline and choose the check in option, and enter the boarding pass number.

After entering the travel details, there will be electronic tickets that can be printed at the airport check-in kiosk.

If you want to get a ticket directly at the chek kiosks in airline at the airport, simply go to the machine near counter check in manual.

Enter your boarding pass number and skip some of the steps in question.

Tickets will be printed directly on the machine and you can directly enter the airport security check section.

If you are carrying luggage, it is advisable to check in first to deliver goods to counter check in manual.

So you can minimize the possibility of missed the plane during. Good luck and good vacation with family.

(gouhong/ tranding.web.id)
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