7 Tips Securing Suitcases in the Trunk of a Plane While Traveling

- February 18, 2019
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7 Tips Securing Suitcases in the Trunk of a Plane While Traveling

www.tranding.web.id - Travel by airplane is chosen because of its speed and convenience by businessmen or professionals for the job. Not only that, traveling by plane is also an option for traveling or vacation. Vacation is a very fun activity, especially for the upper middle class people, this hail has become a lifestyle and is a monthly, yearly, even weekly routine. However, not infrequently the luggage carried on the go is confused with other people's belongings, damaged, or even lost. This will greatly reduce your travel mood of course.

You do not have to worry, this time we will give you some tips you need to do to keep your suitcase and luggage safe in the trunk of the plane on your journey, consider the following 7 tips:

1. Use plastic wrap

You can wrap the suitcase with plastic wrap to protect the suitcase from the very possible friction that will result in the suitcase becoming abrasions. Not only that, plastic wrap also serves as an additional security suitcase from others who intend to open the suitcase without your permission.

2. Use bright colors

Try to use light-colored briefcases because most people tend to choose dark-colored suitcases such as black, brown or gray. This will help you easily find your luggage and avoid the risk of confusion with other people's luggage.

3. Mark with ribbons, labels, or stickers

In addition to choosing a suitcase with bright colors, you can also use ribbons or stickers on your luggage as a marker. You are also advised to hang a label that contains your identity because if there is a loss in your suitcase, it will be helpful to the officer to find and return it.

4. Release tag of airline

Releasing the flight tags previously attached to your luggage is a great idea to minimize the risk of losing your suitcase. If you forget or ignore this will invite airport officials a misunderstanding about your suitcase, your luggage will be taken to the airport to another plane.

5. Photos inside and outside suitcases

Do not underestimate this, take the time to document the outside and inside of your suitcase by shooting it. In order to damage or lose your suitcase, you can show a picture of your suitcase as evidence to the airport officer.

6. Do not put important items in the suitcase

Avoid storing important items such as your cell phone, wallet or notebook in a suitcase because the suitcase might disappear, and if you need it, you do not have to bother taking it. Get used to carry a small bag to put important items in a small bag.

7. Report to the officer

If your luggage is lost, do not panic but report to airport officer immediately. In order for airport officers can immediately follow up to help find lost items.

Thus, 7 tips to keep your luggage and luggage while in the trunk of the plane to avoid the risk of lost or exchanged goods to keep your trip enjoyable.

(gouhong/ travel.beritags.com)
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